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3 New IM Box designs & XML / jSON feeds available for text ads

3 New IM Box designs

By popular demand, we have created 3 new IM box designs to better compliment some of our webmasters sites and to increase click-thru rates. Create a new adzone today and select one of the following IM box designs to place dual-layer text ads with images on your site. 

XML / jSON feeds available for text ads

AdXpansion is the only adult ad network wihich provides relevant text with images via an XML or JSON feed. Webmasters can fully customize the look and feel of the ads and control how many to show on a page.

This feature is available to advanced webmaster only. Special application required. More info is available from within your account.

Log in to your account and start earning more with text ads today.

Last update: 2011-09-02 10:58
Author: AdXpansion Admin

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