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Ad Network AdXpansion now offering mobile carrier targeting


Leading adult ad network AdXpansion announced today the launch of mobile carrier targeting available through its self-serve advertising platform. The new feature which has been in testing phase over the last quarter is finally opened up to all advertisers.

Carrier Targeting

In light of the growth of mobile traffic, the new targeting option is particularly useful for advertisers wanting to deliver their messages to a specific network or in combination with offers supporting one click carrier billing.

When asked, Account Manager Phil Breton gave the following statement “We have always aimed to offer the best and most relevant traffic to our clients. That being said we believe that targeted traffic is one of the keys to achieving a great ROI and that’s what prompted the change.”

For more information on available carriers, specific inventory numbers or optimization tips contact our sales team at [sales at].


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Last update: 2015-07-22 16:04
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