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Now selling 27,556,920 mobile impressions daily

Now selling 27,556,920 mobile impressions daily
Of course, thatís worldwide. Maybe you just want Russia? India?
Buy mobile traffic by Country
Advertisers can use our geo-targeting to get whatever country they like. Want to buy the #1 spot? Ask Moody about our American traffic. Donít miss out.
Buy mobile traffic by Platform
AdXpansion can sell you mobile traffic by platform. So if you want Android traffic ó the big green slice of the pie ó or iOS (iPad/iPhone), or even some of the smaller platforms, no problem.
Mobile Impressions by Device Chart
All this traffic is available right now on a CPC basis.
Contact Moody for more info, or login and start building
your mobile campaign with AdXpansion.

Last update: 2013-09-03 15:48
Author: The AdXpansion Team

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