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Improvements designed to lower your CPA

Improvements designed to lower your CPA
Improved Algorithm
The AdXpansion team is proud to announce improvements to our ad serving algorithm. Designed to lower advertiser CPA, the most noticeable gains will be seen with CPC campaigns, though advertisers running CPM campaigns should also see a benefit.
More Control over which Ad Zones can be Excluded
AdXpansion also recently reduced the number of ad zones classified as Premium in order to make it easier for advertisers to control their CPA. Please revisit your campaigns using our optimization tool to see the difference.
Ongoing Improvements at AdXpansion
Logging in to AdXpansion has never been quicker. Advertisers will benefit from accelerated access to the dashboard, while the interface load time has dropped an impressive 97%.

After much feedback from our advertisers, more improvements are now in development.
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Last update: 2013-08-27 15:33
Author: The AdXpansion Team

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