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Are you leaving money on the table?

Are you leaving money on
the table?
Why you should switch your NTV banners
to AdXpansion
Reason 1: High CPM rate on the most popular countries
Currently, AdXpansion is generating some of the highest CPM rates. Here is an average of what our publishers see for some of our top countries.
CPM by country
Reason 2: Zero Risk when using our eCPM-to-beat feature
AdXpansion lets YOU choose the minimum eCPM for your traffic. If we can't meet the price you set, we return the ad space back to the ad provider of YOUR choice. All of this happens in real-time so you donít lose any revenue for your traffic.
Next To Video
Contact Rocco with any questions, or send us your 300x250 next-to-video traffic and maximize your earnings with AdXpansion.

Last update: 2013-08-29 16:18
Author: The AdXpansion Team

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