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New Developments and Traffic at AdXpansion - March 2013

AdXpansion News
March 2013 Issue
New Traffic for your campaigns
AdXpansion has added 90M new impressions daily to the network. To get more traffic that converts, we suggest you increase your bids, raise your daily budget cap and make sure to include all these formats in your campaigns. Login to your account.
If you need a geo-targeted breakdown of this new traffic by ad unit, please contact your account manager.
Work in progress
Recent system updates help prevent campaigns from going over budget while advances in our ad serving algorithms continue to improve conversion ratios.

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We want feedback
Share with us the features you would like to see next from AdXpansion. Click the feedback button which is located on every page of our site.

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Increase your ROI
Our tutorial on Optimal Bidding Strategy can guide you through the optimization and bidding process while providing examples for maximizing your returns.

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We are constantly improving our network to better serve you. If you haven't worked with us recently, please contact your account manager and let us help you get the traffic you need.

Last update: 2013-07-02 09:32
Author: Leslie Parsons

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