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Dual-Layer Text Ads - Only At AdXpansion!


Dual-Layer Text Ads - Only available at AdXpansion

Every click is more valuable than conventional text ads!

What Are They?

AdXpansion's dual-layer text ads are flexible in-player, XML or IM-style box ads. Offered exclusively by AdXpansion, these 2-stage text ads combine with images to deliver a strong initial message on the first layer, then a completely new opportunity to reinforce your message on the second layer when prompted by user interaction.

Dual-Layer Text Ads

Example of text ads with images providing rich engagement possibilities


What’s more, this underutilized ad format is our second largest generator of traffic. As you can see by the following data, dual-layer text ads of our Top 10 countries averaged as high as 1.8 Million impressions daily.


dual-layer text ad impressions by country

This second-highest source of traffic also generates the second highest click-thru rate


Advertisers ultimately spend less for this undervalued traffic, as until now there has been little competition on our network for this particular ad format. Available on a CPC basis, this overlooked ad unit is relatively inexpensive when compared to the highly competitive banner ads even though it generates highly qualified clicks.

Impressions by Ad Format
Impression volume by Ad Format

The interactive nature of text ads with images increases user engagement. This opportunity to double your message exposure and reinforce your branding results in more qualified traffic. As with banner ads you can optimize this quality text ad traffic further by incorporating our tracking pixels and zone pass-through links. With dual-layer text ads you get:

  • More click-thrus – text plus images attract user interest
  • User engagement – user sees more detail through interaction
  • More informed user – more information up-front = more qualified traffic

AdXpansion’s dual-layer text ads with images are an excellent source of traffic. You can see a live demo of a dual-layer text ad in action here :


Live dual-layer demo


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Last update: 2013-07-02 09:31
Author: The AdXpansion Team

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