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AdXpansion Offers More Revenue, Less Ads and Happy Visitors

AdXpansion Offers More Revenue, Less Ads and Happy Visitors

How your site can increase ad revenue and reduce clutter

Would you like to reduce the flood of ads cluttering your site without losing revenue? Or monetize the clean design you’re so proud of without compromising your precious content?

AdXpansion Margin Ads can increase advertising revenue, reduce clutter, and lower the number of visitors who enter your site and "bounce".

You won’t need to chip away at your existing real-estate OR compromise your webpage’s layout to take advantage of our easy-to-implement margin ad solution. Margin ads are 160x600 banners that appear in the unused borders that are increasingly visible to surfers using wide screens. See demo here.

What’s more, these new margin ads increase CTR by staying pinned to the top of the page – permanently above the fold; a prime spot that allows for continuous viewing no matter how long your page scrolls.

Our margin ads are perfect for:
  • Content-centric tube sites
  • TGP’s
  • MGP’s
  • Blogs
  • Pay sites
  • Adult Novelty Products

Finally, margin ads are less obtrusive than traditional placements which lowers visitor bounce rate and increases conversions.


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Upcoming News

Our new in-stream banner and margin ad zones are only the latest in a suite of offerings AdXpansion has in development for its customers.

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Last update: 2012-12-18 12:29
Author: The AdXpansion Team

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