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'Tis the Season to get a 10% Bonus!

'Tis the Season to get a 10% Bonus!

Hurry and claim your gift from AdXpansion!

AdXpansion is offering to stuff your stockings with a 10% BONUS added to any new deposits of $5K or more between December 10 and December 28, 2012.

There has never been a better time to capture valuable customer traffic. Our 468x60 In-Stream ads generate over 40 Million impressions daily, while our 160x600 banners are already producing 7.5M impressions and growing fast. Demand for this ad traffic is expected to increase dramatically as Publishers rapidly adopt these new placements - so make sure to add them both to your campaigns now while prices are still low.

And no list is complete without our popular keyword-targeted Text ads. This major source of Advertiser traffic currently serves over 80M impressions daily and is a crucial component in any successful advertising campaign.

Donít be a last minute shopper! Take advantage of this gift by logging in and including these creatives in your campaigns before the bonus runs out!

Email your account manager after you've made your deposit to ensure your bonus gets applied without delay.

As always, remember to use our recommended ad campaign setup and bidding strategy to get more traffic that converts.

LOGIN and try these new ad formats today!

Upcoming News

Our new in-stream banner and margin ad zones are only the latest in a suite of offerings AdXpansion has in development for its customers.

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Last update: 2012-12-10 17:10
Author: The AdXpansion Team

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