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Announcing New Revenue, New Control for Publishers

Announcing New Revenue, New Control for Publishers

AdXpansion launches new In-Stream banner choices and advanced Tag filtering options for your Ad-Zone content

AdXpansion's latest prime-time ad unit provides even more flexibility and choice for Publishers considering a 468x60 In-Stream solution. In addition, Publishers will have complete control over the duration, frequency, and rotation of the ads, while Advertisers receive increased exposure and traffic.

In-Stream Ad

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You control the types of ads appearing on your sites

AdXpansion's Publishing partners now have greater control over site content through innovative new Ad Tag filtering tools. Publishers may now choose to exclude category keywords if those categories do not complement site branding.

By default, included tags are on the right-hand side . "Remove" any tags you wish to exclude. Click "Next" to accept your changes. (Please note - too many Exclusions may reduce revenue).

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Last update: 2012-10-25 15:35
Author: Les Parsons

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