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New pricing that will lower your costs.

Hot Summer, Hot Discounts
AdXpansion has new pricing that will lower your costs.

As of August 1st, AdXpansion has new minimum bids.
Get up to:
80% off min. CPM bids for Banner traffic
60% off min. CPC bids for Banners and Text ads
63% off min. CPM bids for Popunders

See our updated price list.

Want to obtain Premium Ad space at flat rates?
Introducing the AdXpansion Marketplace.

Buying ad space by flat rates gives you:
-More visibility
-Less hassle related to bid management
-Stable traffic delivery

Buying flat rate ad space is particularly good for Popunder traffic.
Visit our ad marketplace for pricing and availability.

NEW - Conversion Tracking for CPM campaigns

Previously, our conversion tracking pixel was only working for CPC based campaigns. Now, AdXpansion pixel tracking works for both CPC and CPM campaigns using the same pixel. It's now possible to optimize CPM campaigns directly from our interface.

Want more information on these subjects?

AdXpansion prides itself on client service. If you need further assistance in understanding the updates to our pricing, marketplace premium traffic deal or what our new conversion tracking pixel can do for you we would be happy to talk to you personally. Your account manager can be easily reached here:
  North America:
Rocco Bruzzese
t. 514.448.4316 x2484
icq. 640 917 405
skype. sbrollrocco
Christian Kreul
t. +49.173.2424.726
icq. 308 130 254
skype. ckreul
Contact your account manager today
Looking forward to hearing from you,
The AdXpansion Team

Last update: 2012-08-02 09:43
Author: AdXpansion Team

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