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Learn how to get more traffic with Smart CPC and Smart CPM bidding Learn how to get more traffic with Smart CPC and Smart CPM bidding

Since the beginning, AdXpansion has always offered Smart CPC and Smart CPM bidding. But because it was simply labeled CPC and CPM, most people didn't realize this.

Learn how to get more traffic with Smart CPC and Smart CPM bidding

In the FAQ's of AdXpansion, we outline all of the steps you should take in order to get more traffic that converts. These steps work especially well with Smart CPC or Smart CPM bidding because you can test out higher bids to get more traffic with a low probability of being charged your full bid price. What you are charged depends on the other bids in the auction. You are only charged a small increase over the 2nd highest bidder.


As we've shown in our FAQ , higher bids can also lead to higher conversion rates as well.

It's a great time to buy traffic from AdXpansion using Smart CPC or Smart CPM bidding. 

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2015-04-30 14:58

Get 20% off min CPC in Tier 1 countries for April 2015 Get 20% off min CPC in Tier 1 countries for April 2015

I know what you must be thinking - this must be some kind of April Fools' joke! But rest assured, we aren't joking around. We are quite excited about the changes we've made recently.

Get 20% Off CPC. In Tier 1 Countries For The Month Of April + Advanced ClickFraudControls!

Starting April 1st, our implementation of advanced click-fraud controls for both display and text ads is complete. These changes are meant to boost your ROI and give you additional confidence that you are only being charged for good quality clicks.

On top of this, we have secured some premium ad spots for both display and text ads that are definitely worth checking out. Please contact for details.

We are so excited about our changes to our network, we thought it would be a great idea to give you a limited time reduction of our min CPC bids on Tier 1 countries. Until April 30th, 2015, the min bid of all Tier 1 countries will be reduced from $0.05 CPC to $0.04 CPC. You can consult our complete list of min bids here.

It's a great time to buy CPC traffic from AdXpansion. Log into your account and start some CPC campaigns today!

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2015-04-30 14:29

Introducing Targeted Search Traffic Introducing Targeted Search Traffic

Targeted Search Traffic
AdXpansion is changing the game by introducing the simplest and most targeted adult traffic ever!

Create an Ad Zone

With our new Search Traffic Partners you are now able to target users based on their search habits, insuring that you're only paying for relevant visitors to your site. Keyword targeting has always been a feature within our platform, but with the addition of Search Traffic the targeting possibilities are endless.

Get ‘naughty’ ‘cam girls’ & ‘milf dating’ ‘masturbate’ ‘foot fetish’ ‘amateur’ or any other keyword searches that support your product, making this traffic ideal for
, WebCam and Membership type sites.

You name it, we got it!

Here is how you can get started

Step 1: Setup a new 'CPC' campaign

Create an Ad Zone
Step 2: Create a 'Keyword' targeted ad group

Create an Ad Zone
Step 3: Add The Keywords you wish to target - don't be shy to ask us for suggestions ;)

Step 4: Upload your text ads

Step 5: Set it live!

Keyword targeting tips:

  1. It is recommended to have 50+ keywords per campaign
  2. Remember to include keywords for plural spellings or derivatives.
    (i.e. include ‘milf’ as well as ‘milfs’, ‘teen’ and ‘teenager’)
  3. The suggested starting bid is $0.10 and the more granular your keywords are, the higher you should be bidding, ex. $0.20 - $0.30 CPC
  4. For more information on how to input your keywords here.

Testing available now for traffic in the US (more countries to come)

To set up a Search Traffic targeted campaign, login to your account and create a 'Keywords' targeted campaign!
2014-11-04 12:46

Are CPM campaigns right for you? Are CPM campaigns right for you?

Are CPM campaigns right for you?
These 3 questions may help you decide
Thanks to improvements in our ad serving algorithm, CPM campaigns now receive more volume than ever. There are several benefits to using CPM campaigns — but CPM may not be the right strategy for everyone.

To determine if CPM is right for you, ask yourself the following questions;
  1. Has your traffic volume been declining?
  2. Are you looking to test ad zones ASAP?
  3. Are CPC campaigns costing you more than you expected?
If you answered YES to any of these questions, then consider testing your campaigns on a CPM basis.

CPC campaigns take eCPM into account (CTR x Bid Rate). If your CTR is decreasing, so is your traffic.On the other hand CPM campaigns are very easy to scale. Finally, CPM campaigns don't require you to accumulate a CTR score first, so you get the traffic you need quicker.
Create an Ad Zone
To set up a CPM campaign, login to your account and choose CPM under Billing Type.
2013-11-04 12:56

Here are some tips for increasing ROI Here are some tips for increasing ROI

Algorithm improvements are having a positive impact on bid price, traffic volume and ROI
In recent months we've made significant changes to our ad platform designed to improve advertiser ROI. Now more than ever it's important for advertisers to follow our recommended 3-Step Bidding and Optimization strategy.

Please read our tutorial on getting more traffic that converts.
Then login and try our Bidding and Optimization Strategy.

2013-09-25 09:56

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