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Does AdXpansion offer S2S (Server to Server Tracking) for tracking?



1. How Server to server (S2S) works

The S2S service allows to track and record conversions on your website. Conversions are tracked by making HTTP requests directly to AdXpansion servers. The main benefits of that service are: 

  1. you can track conversions from almost any environment, client and server,
  2. you can control when to track the conversion (ie. when a sale is validated),
  3. conversions stats are accessible in your AdXpansion reports,
  4. (coming soon) you can track multiple conversion steps to optimize your campaigns. 

2. Overview

When your campaign receive traffic, your landing page will be called.
Then to track the conversion, make an HTTP request to the AdXpansion S2S API.
But in order to use S2S you'll need an API access token and the transaction ID parameter.

3. API access token

First you need to contact your account manager to get your AdX API token. This token will be used to make HTTP requests to the AdX API to track a conversion. A token is specific and unique to an AdX account (but you can use the same token for multiple campaigns). Then to be able to start tracking, you need to setup your campaign to get the transaction ID.

4. Obtaining the transaction ID

Each impression has its own 'transaction ID'. That ID is used to identify the transaction (impression, click and conversion) and all the related information. When you want to track a conversion you need to provide the transaction ID of the impression that lead to this conversion. To do so you have to change the destination URL of your campaign and add the {transactionID} parameter like explained in the campaign management documentation. This {transactionID} parameter will be provided when your landing page will be called. You'll have to store it to be able to use it when you'll do the HTTP request to track the conversion.

5. Tracking a conversion

To trigger and track a conversion, make a GET HTTP request to this endpoint with the token and id (transaction ID) parameters: 

The following parameters are required for each conversion you track:

token: your account token
id: the transaction ID provided when the campaign destination URL (your landing page) was called 

6. Get the conversion stats

You can have access to the conversion stats in the Reports section of the AdXpansion GUI:

  1. Login to the AdX GUI,
  2. Click on 'Campaigns' > 'Reports' menu,
  3. Select a date or a date range and select the 'Campaign Report' report,
  4. Click on 'Run Report', 

You will see the report with the 'Conversions' column. You should be able to see the conversions at most 24h after they occured.



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