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What is the difference between RON and Keyword Targeted Campaigns?

AdXpansion has posted a series of short training videos walking you through the creation of your first CPC, CPM and iFrame/Popunder ad campaigns. Early in the campaign creation process you are prompted to choose your new ad groupís targeting method Ė RON or Keyword.

Ad Group Targeting
New ad group targeting type Ė Keywords vs. RON

AdXpansion is often asked what the difference is between these 2 targeting methods. Here are simplified definitions of each, and how they benefit the Advertiser.

RON (run-of-network)

A run-of-network campaign targets ALL the Publisher websites within AdXpansionís ad network, and is an easy and inexpensive way to test your creatives against a wide variety of adult categories. RON traditionally has a low CPC/CPM and a very large audience, and represents a good value for Advertisers interested in increased traffic, a wide reach and easy campaign management.

keyword vs RON graphic

RON is good for offers that appeal to a broad audience while keywords are better suited for niche offers


A keyword campaign will only target keyword matches, both positive and negative, and is a very effective way of placing your ads directly in front of the surfers who are most likely to click on them. Although there is increased competition at the keyword level, therefore less overall traffic, it is also better converting traffic. Advertising to consumers who already have a preference for your adís keywords - while using negative keywords where you might not be getting a return on investment - will result in higher conversion rates and increased profits.


If you have any questions about the different types of campaigns available at AdXpansion, and their individual benefits, please talk to us at:

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