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Why do I see a large discrepancy between Google Analytics and AdXpansion reports?

We do not know why there are sometimes large discrepancies between AdXpansion traffic reports and Google Analytics.

We've done our own controlled tests using AdXpansion, a third-party tracking tool called Prosper202 and sent the traffic to one of own sites with Google Analytics installed.

The results are as follows:
    • AdXpansion = 20,398 clicks
    • Prosper202 = 19,876 clicks (-2.5%)
    • Google Analytics  = 7267 visits (-70%)

Google Analytics has a very large discrepancy compared to our numbers and Prosper202. We have contacted Google to ask for an explanation. Their response was they "do not investigate discrepancies with third party software".

AdXpansion has made every effort to discover the source of this discrepancy without success.

AdXpansion is not responsible nor will we issue credit for any discrepancies between our numbers and Google Analytics.

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Last update: 2012-05-02 13:12
Author: Ida
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