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How do I setup dynamic keyword insertion for my text ads?

Here are the details related to dynamic keyword insertion for your text ads.

Dynamic Keyword Insertion is also known as DKI or keyword pass-through.

What is Dynamic Keyword Insertion?

This is an advanced feature that allows you to dynamically add the keyword that triggered the display of your ad to your text ad. This can be added to your display and/or destination URL.

How do I use Dynamic Keyword Insertion in my text ads?

You will need to add the following code anywhere in your text ad: {keyword:default keyword}
Here is an example:


Watch {keyword:adult} webcams FREE!
Video, audio, chat, instant message. Registration NOT required. Free!
Destination URL :{keyword:nil}


In the example above, "adult" is your default keyword. When your text ad is displayed, the system will replace {keyword: adult} with the keyword that triggered the text ad.

When the keyword is too long making it exceed the character limit, the default text will be displayed.If the dynamic keyword insertion is used in the destination URL, the keyword that triggered the display of the ad will always be added to the destination URL.


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