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How does AdXpansion match on my keywords?

All matching is for whole keywords and DOES NOT include words within words.

Example - keyword ‘teen’ will NOT match on ‘teens’ or ‘teenager’. You must include the keywords ‘teens’ and ‘teenager’ if you wish to match on these keywords.

AdXpansion offers 2 matching types: Permutations and Exact matching.

The default matching type is Permutations.

That means, the key phrase “she male” would match on a phrase containing “male” and “she” anywhere in the content.

With Exact Matching, the key phrase “she male” will only match if all the words are found together in the same order within the content.

Ex. Will match on “…watch this she male do …” It will NOT match on “…she watched the male dancer…”

The syntax for Exact matching is to place quotations around your phrase. ex "match on this exactly"

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