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Advertisers Guidelines

Destination and Popunder URLs Guidelines


Advertisers participating in the Program are required to adhere to the following policies. We ask that you read these policies carefully and refer to this document often. If you fail to comply with these policies, we may disable serving of your ads and/or disable your account. While in many cases we prefer to work with Advertisers to achieve policy compliance, we reserve the right to disable any account at any time. If your account is disabled, you will not be eligible for further participation in the program.  Please note that we may change our policies at any time, and pursuant to our Terms and Conditions, it is your responsibility to keep up to date with and adhere to the policies posted here.

Text Ads Editorial Guidelines


  1. Titles may contain up to 25 characters. 
  2. Use standard capitalization. Words in all caps are not permitted unless they are used as initials, as an acronym or they are trademarked in that style. 
  3. Punctuation or symbols should not be used in the place of words or repeated excessively to indicate emphasis.
  4. An ad may contain only one exclamation point. 
  5. Use correct grammar and spelling.
  6. The display URL must correspond to the landing page URL.

Image Ads Editorial Guidelines


  1. Image ad files must be 300K or smaller.
  2. Ad images must be clear and recognizable. 
  3. Text appearing in the ad images must be legible.
  4. The keywords that trigger your image ads must relate to the content on your destination URL. 
  5. Image ad may not pretend to be a system or site warning.
  6. iFrame ads may not contain any malware or malicious code. Doing so is a Gross Violation of our terms and conditions and will result in account closure without the possibility of any refund.

Flash Ads Editorial Guidelines  


  1. Animated image ads must follow the same guidelines and specifications as standard image ads, including the 300K file size limit.
  2. Flash ads are restricted to a maximum of 30 seconds (at a 15-20 fps frame rate), after which point they must remain static.
  3. All Flash ads should support the clickTAG variable.
  4. The ad should direct users to a web page with the appropriate destination URL. It should not open the destination URL within the ad iframe itself. 
  5. Your ad may contain user-initiated audio only. 
  6. Your ad may affect or change a user's mouse cursor (arrow) only after the user initiates an action. 
  7. Your ad may load images or another SWF file at runtime. However, your new content must adhere to the current player security model and incorporate the proper settings for your Flash ad to run in our system. 
  8. Strobing, flashing backgrounds, or otherwise distracting ads are not allowed. 
  9. Ad animation must be confined to the allotted ad space. Ads that expand beyond the frame or otherwise encroach on the web site are not allowed.  

Destination URLs Guidelines


  1. The URL provided must work and cannot take longer than 5 seconds to load. 
  2. The URL may not contain spaces. Spaces should be replaced with %20 or +. 
  3. A site cannot link to a blank page, a page with little content, a page where the majority of the content consists of ads, a page that is under construction, or a page with raw or incorrect coding. 
  4. The destination URL cannot use rotating landing pages. 
  5. The URL cannot link directly to an executable file or any download that is not user initiated.
  6. The landing page cannot require a login to view any site content. 
  7. The landing page may not use malware, malicious code, or deliver harmful programs. 
  8. The landing page cannot engage in any illegal online activities such as phishing, spoofing or spamming. 
  9. The landing pages cannot contain pop-up windows, including exit pop-ups, or chat windows that prevent a user from easily exiting a landing page. 
  10. If your ad includes a price, special discount, or 'free' offer, it must be clearly and accurately displayed on your website within 1-2 clicks of your ad's landing page.

Unacceptable Content


  1. Any sexual content that depicting individuals who are under eighteen (18) years of age or who are presented in a manner designed to make them appear to be under the age of eighteen, including without limitation computer-generated images, drawings or sculptures that are, or appear virtually indistinguishable from, that of a minor engaging in sexually explicit conduct.
  2. Any content that depict violent or forced sexual acts, including without limitation rape or slapping, hitting or torture in connection with sexual activity; urination, defecation or vomiting in conjunction with sexual activity; sexual activity that involves the participation of animals; vaginal fist insertion; and real or simulated incest; real or simulated sex with a dead body. 
  3. Promotion of hacking and cracking sites.
  4. Any material that offers illegal products or services. 
  5. Promotion of incentives for online activity to surf websites, click on ads, or any activity that artificially enhances website or advertiser metrics. 
  6. Promotion of violence, racial intolerance, or advocacy against any individual, group, or organization. 
  7. Promotion of fake documents, copied material, or paper mills. 
  8. Promotion of drugs or any related paraphernalia. 
  9. Sales or offers of weapons, alcohol, tobacco or any related paraphernalia. 
  10. Promotion or any attempt to profit from human tragedy or suffering. 
  11. Promotion of illegal activities that infringes on the rights of others. 
  12. Promotion of gambling or online betting that is targeted to the US. 
  13. 'Free' offers in which the redemption requirements are overly burdensome as to not constitute a free item.
  14. Any link to website that contain unacceptable content.

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