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What new features are in Optimization Tool V2.0 ?

The Optimization Tool Version 2.0
Optimizing by ad type and size just got easier
We are proud to announce the release of our improved traffic filtering Optimization Tool. These enhancements provide even more information and control to Advertisers. Changes include the ability to filter traffic by Zone Type and Zone Size, while interesting New and Premium traffic can be discovered at a glance.
New Filters
Advertisers can now filter by Zone Type and Zone Size. For example: Advertisers can display all In-Player banner zones to optimize those separately from Text or XML zones. Additionally, Advertisers can display all 300x250 banner zones to optimize them separately from 728x90 or 160x600.
Zone Changes Graphic
Click on Apply to all campaigns if you want these settings used across all your campaigns

New Flags
As well as letting you know what traffic is currently Excluded or Included, new flags include the ability to see New traffic (new zones that were added in the last 30 days) and Premium traffic (zones that are above the fold and prominently displayed).
Zone Changes Graphic

Please Note: Premium Zones can NOT be Excluded directly by Advertisers. Excluding these highly converting, above the fold ad zones can only be accomplished by contacting your account manager.

Talk to us

If you have any questions about these improvements please contact your account manager.


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