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FlowPlayer: How to embed ads in my player?


FlowPlayer: How to embed ads in my player?


Adxpansion has made it very easy for publishers that use FlowPlayer to embed ads into their players.


See a Demo Here


Step 1: Create a new 300x250 ad zone:

From the publisher interface, go through every step to obtain the proper linking code for a new 300x250 zone.


Step 2: Obtain the zone_id from your generated ad zone code:

You will later on need the zone_id that is specified in the generated code. So take note of the zone_id to use it in Step 3.

<!-- Generated by AdXpansion -->
<script type="text/javascript" src=" <br><a target="_top" href="" style="background-color:#FFFFFF;color:#000000;font-size:9px;border:none;font-family:verdana, sans-serif;padding:0;margin:0;">ads by AdXpansion</a>
<!-- End of AdXpansion code -->

Step 3: Insert the following javascript line on your website pages, before your player, but after loading the flowplayer javascript:

You need to insert this code and insert the zone_id obtained in step 2. Make sure you insert this code AFTER loading the flowplayer javascript:

<script type="text/javascript" src="">


Step 4: Make sure that your flowplayer code is set to make the flash player transparent:


flowplayer("player", { src: "", wmode: 'transparent' });


Step 5: Tell flowplayer to load up the AdXpansion plugin:

Right after your flowplayer invocation code, tell flowplayer to load the adxpansion plugin.



Complete Example:


Here's what a working code would look like

<script type="text/javascript"
<script type='text/javascript'

<a href=""
style="display: block; width: 630px; height: 500px;" id="player">
<script type="text/javascript">
flowplayer("player", { src: "", wmode: 'transparent' },{
clip: {autoPlay: true}


Advanced Usage:


Using Flowplayer with mod_secdownload:

If you are using lighttpd with mod_secdownload, you need a special flowplayer plugin called Secure Streaming. You can download and read the setup instructions on this page:


Customizing the AdXpansion plugin:

It's possible to customize how the adxpansion plugin will display the ad inside your player. The syntaxt is:





displayonload: TRUE_OR_FALSE,






Here's a brief explanation of each option:

  • ofssetx: will move the ad in the player either left or right. Use negative number to move toward the left.
  • offsety: will move the ad in the player either toward the top or the bottom. Use negative numbe to move up.
  • displayonload: if set to true, the ad will get displayed before the movie start. This is not recommanded if your movie autostart.
  • header: customize the look of the ad container. Be careful when setting this as you can really screw things up.
  • footer: customize the footer of the ad container. Also be careful and talk with your account manager to approve changes you make to both footer and header.


Known Problem:

If you set your clip to not autostart and don't use a default splash image, the transparent player will cause the player to be ugly and not to display the first frame of the movie. The solution is to use a splash imag e.

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